Just as, good shoes are for your running comfort, BASE isolators are adjustable levelling feet of your machines. BASE offers engineered solutions for vibration isolation using variety of anti vibration material. BASE anti vibration mountings are available as anti vibration platform, cylindrical vibration isolators, engine mounts, heavy duty levelling feet, isolation pads, rubber isolators, shock isolators, spring isolators, spring hangers etc.

Used industrial equipments need anti vibration feet the most, as they are worn out and can cause excessive vibration that can severely affect the neighbouring machines.
BASE Vibration isolators work as a mechanical filter designed to decrease the effects and consequences of shock and vibration. Vibration analysis data can help to select the best vibration isolation mounts coupled with adequate vibration dampening.

SPRING supports load
DAMPER disperses energy
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We reaffirm our unwavering belief in the value of well designed & well-made vibration mountings and controls & provide end-to-end solutions from ideas to execution.

Our vigorous field experience strengthens our capability to create customized solutions for various institutional clients – from the anti vibration mount requirements of a scientist's laboratory to the rough and tumble demands of crusher shock mounts.

isolation mounts for rooftop machines

anti vibration mat & machine leveling mounts

wire rope isolators, vibration damping sandwich mounts

spring vibration isolators, vibration pads
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A good machine mount will show almost nil vibration while vibration testing on ground.
Our products are great for the environment.

We deliver best quality at affordable prices.

With BASE Isolators you save time & money.

We have grown over the years and developed many loyal customers. This is indicative of the quality of our service, our ability to pay attention to our customers needs and keep current with technological advancements.
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